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I have been looking for a solo here in Las Vegas for about two years, no luck!
My name and number is on several dealers lists no calls. Been told maybe another 6 months wait.
Have a Kimber CDP II love it. I don't like carring it in Las vegas in the summer months, due to heat and in shorts.
In the heat I carry a Sig P238 (.380) in a Remora holster (no clip) works great.
Want the Solo for more power in about the same size as the sig.
Reports are about 50-50 as reliability goes. I know the first year they had lots of problems.
I would like to see any feedback on this!
I'm south of Atlanta and my husband and I have a total of five Kimbers, a Custom 2 Stainless, Super Carry Pro, Ultra CDP LG, Eclipse Custom and I jsut picked up a Solo Carry CDP LG yesterday. We were a little scared of the Solo but I was finding the Super Carry Pro to heavy to be my EDC in my handbag. The Solo is a delight. Maybe by it being the CDP from the Custom Shop it was tweaked more or if they just have the bugs worked out but "knock Wood" this one is running like a champ. Even taking 115 grain range rounds with ease.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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