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wow, kinda cool that I get the first post but what, is this a new forum site or something? Currently there are 5 members... 2 admin and 3 normal members and all have 0 posts save me after this one...

Well anyway I signed up to ask about Kimbers line up for concealed carry. I have never personally owend a Kimber but I grew up with my dad's and man was that one of the nicest pistols I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. What a nice .45. I have been drooling over the super carry ultra II but whenever I ask to see one it seems that 60% of the time they tell me I need to take a look at the solo. Unfortunatly the solo is apparently a very popular item as it seems that there is never one in stock. So here's the question. Why do I need to take a look at the solo? whats the difference?
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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