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That's awesome Chuck!
Good job, sir
Beautiful family!
Watching our kids and grandkids succeed is a blessing. Overcoming adversity shows the character that was instilled in them by the influences in their lives.
That's what we live for.
Our children are God's greatest gift.
Thank you for sharing that.
Homeschooling is the way.

I homeschooled my son.
He graduated at 14, passed GED at 16 (top 4% in the state and earned college credits for his score).
He taught himself how to play Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drums.
He spent the last year working as an intern in a music studio, and now earns money as a sound engineer and session musician.
He also fills in for local and visiting talent at festivals and gigs.
He is currently putting the final touches on a few of his own songs, and will release a 5 song EP in a month or so.
Wants to get his CDL in the fall, as a stable base, and to also persue his love of music.
He's an artist, but he won't be starving.
I couldn't be more proud of him, and I tell him that almost every day

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My twin 17-year-old grandsons are down in Missouri playing in the National Christian HomeSchool Basketball Championships. There are 364 teams playing 1401 games in a week-long event, the boys have won 5 straight games and will play for the championship in their age group tomorrow. The really cool part is that the playoff and championship games are streamed live on YouTube, and I've been able to watch them play. This is one of the few times I'm glad I have an 85" TV. As the ending buzzer went off, the boys ran to their team bench and celebrated with their teammates, two minutes later I got a text from them saying they hoped I liked the game, and they loved me. With all the problems I had bringing my kids up as a single parent, this makes it all worth it. I taught my kids the meaning of respect and honor, and I have lived to see it passed on. I'm not too proud to say that they brought a tear to this old man's eye. Win or lose tomorrow, they will always be winners in my eye.
That’s awesome buddy! I see a proud Poppaw! That’s great!!!😁👍
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