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Ultra Carry II 9mm Ammo

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Hello Gents,

I just bought a UCII in 9mm and fired it for the first time yesterday. I experienced a high number of malfunctions; stovepiping, FTE, and failures to return to battery. I fired maybe 100 rounds in total, varying the number of rounds in the mags between five and eight.

The ammo I used was Armscorp 115 GR FMJ and Magtech 147 GR FMJ. I did not notice a discernible difference in the malfunctioning of either. I have two Kimber mags, both returned the same results. The weapon was cleaned and lubed per the manual before the range. I held the weapon firmly as I do with all my handguns, no limp wristing.

Neither the manual or the website offers any info on recommended 9mm ammo except for "high quality American made" with "230 grain" bullets, which does not apply here. It seems they neglected the 9mm.

Any advice/help much appreciated.

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Hello, and thanks for the information. I assume the ammo I mentioned is not loaded high enough to ensure full functionality. I'll give your suggestion a try.

May I also assume this is a common problem?


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A while back I got 2 Kimber Ultra IIs. One in .45 and the other in 9mm. The .45 had to go back for the same problem you are having. It was fixed and have no further problems. The 9mm has been perfect right out of the box. Never a problem. Great shooter. I have another Kimber in .45 (custom Classic) that I couldn't fire more then 2 rounds before the thumb safety locked the hammer. It also went back and no further problems. I believe with Kimber, it's a hit or miss proposition when you buy one. (kinda the luck of the draw).

They are supposed to be fully tested before shipping (according to the propaganda), but then there's a lady down the street that will read cards and tell you your future, for a fee.
I called Kimber today and Jay was very helpful. He took notes and told me that if the weapon doesn't straighten out by 250 rounds, I could send it back to be worked on.

This disappoints me somewhat. For what I paid for the weapon, I should be able to reasonably expect NO malfunctions right out of the box. I've bought Glocks at half the cost and experienced NO malfunctions after thousands of rounds. Now I may have to send my weapon back to Kimber so they can 'grind' on it, further opening the tolerances?

I'm willing to give it a chance, but now my expectations are REALLY high that Kimber will stand behind its product.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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