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Ultra with steel frame

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Any of y'all that own Ultra's have one with the steel frame? Can you compare how it shoots versus a full size (5") 1911?

I was looking at the Eclipse Ultra. It has a stainless steel frame, rather than aluminum. Was wondering if that would make it more stable.

For y'all that have both a Custom and an Ultra (of any type frame) how do you compare the shootability/recoil?
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Yes I own the Eclipse Ultra II 3" in stainless...shoots like a dream. It's heavy, sturdy, accurate, and easy to get back on target. Not as tame as a 5", but very close. I've had my share of feeding issues with it however; when I switched lubes to grease in the correct areas it helped a lot. You'll need to keep it wet and clean if shooting more than say 100 rounds. Mine just started spitting brass to my head a few times and I'm changing out the recoil spring on Saturday. It's time as I have thousands of rounds through it.
It really is a beautiful gun if I may say so. You'll love the sights on it too. Get the composite tool as discussed before for stripping as it has that beast double recoil spring in it. $47.00 for a new set.
Great feedback. Thanks.
I've gotten use to the light weight of the ultra Raptor for carry it just disappears,can't say about the Eclipse Ultra,25oz vs 31oz,its just what ever you want.
Yeah, my G23 (loaded) is 31oz. So, I guess if I add 7 rounds of .45 to what I carry now, it would be close. Actually, the 31oz of my G27 (loaded) is not bad at all.

It's gonna take a while to make a final decision on my next Kimber purchase. I still love the look of the SS Pro Raptor, but for EDC, perhaps an Ultra would be best. I'll just keep reading and asking questions till it becomes clear. :D
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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