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Hey guys rhe original thread is deep in and kind of morphed into micro 9 so I thought I would make a new post on my gun being returned from Kimber. Here is reply I started but wanted make sure you all seen so you would know how Kimber responded. If moderator wants move it I understand.
I received my Kimber Stainless LW back today. 1 week and 1 day from the day I shipped it to them. Very pleased with that turnaround. Would have never imagined it. They repair list stated that it was inspected by QC, cleaned and oiled.
1.They cleaned the rust from the barrel and bore
2. Refinished the barrel, chamber reamed, and polished the feedramp
3. Replaced the slide stop
4. Shot it with 3 rounds American eagle FMJ
and 1 magazine of Speer Gold dot JHP
After I got in from work I got it out and quickly looked it over. The bronze color was not there anymore. However it was dirty from where they shot it so couldn't see bore real well. I broke it down and first checked spots on frame. They had been smoothed and polished. I cleaned the entire gun thoroughly. I could feel the barrel had been highly polished. They said cleaned it from rust and refinished it. Honestly the barrel now makes me think they missed it the first go around or hit it on a Friday. There is no comparison the the finish outside and inside the barrel now compared to before. It is slick and I mean real slick. After cleaning the bore I could see a Shiney bore completely void of that bronze type color. It looks great. I lubed and put it back together and worked the action. It seems slicker all the way around. The barrel lockup is good and tight just as before. I will try to shoot it tomorrow or if not Friday hopefully. I will report back on how it done afterward. I took a couple pictures of it now and will attach them with this update. If it shoots as good as before and as good as it looks now I couldn't be more pleased. So far I am very pleased with Kimbers customer service and work. The final verdict will be again, after I shoot it.


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