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What is the most accurate Kimber

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I got a Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry II for Christmas. Yes I had been very good. Anyway I took it to the range the other day along with my Ruger SR 1911. I was ready for the difference in accuracy. I thought surely the full Size SR 1911 with its 5 inch barrel would be much more accurate than my Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry II with its 3 inch barrel. I was pleasantly surprised at how accurate the Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry II was. I had slightly better accuracy using the laser but while using only the gun steel sights, I still kept most groups within a 3 to 4 inch diameter circle. Granted the SR 2911 was more accurate but not by a lot. While it does have a little kick, I found the Kimber pleasant and fun to shoot. I shot around 200 rounds an the Kimber performed flawlessly. I feel like a young kid that just got his first kiss. I in love at first shot. I have ordered a OWB belt holster an an IWB holster for my new Kimber. They will be shipped on Jan 21.once they arrive the kimber will be my new EDC gun. Here is a picture of my 1911s.


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Santa must really like you. those are some nice looking pistols you got there!!
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What is the most accurate kimber? hopefully mine.
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