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What Kind of smoker do you use?

  • Stick Burner

  • Pellet

  • Electric

  • Propane

  • Charcoal

What Kind Of Smoker Do You Use?

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I'm just curious, about what kind of smokers you guys use. I used a stick burner for many years until tending the fire, especially on overnight cooks, got to be too much for me. I then got an electric smoker, set it and forget it, just occasionally add more wood chips. It was easy, but really didn't produce as much smoke flavor as my old stick burner. When I moved to Michigan, I gave my electric smoker to a friend and got a pellet smoker. It's as easy to run as the electric, but produces much better smoke flavor. So back to the question, what kind of smoker do you use?
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I prefer my offset stick burner. I enjoy tending the fire while enjoying an adult beverage. It’s more work but enjoy the smoke flavor you get for the stick burner. I will admit sometimes I am jealous of my nephew’s pellet set it and forget it smoker.

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